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the beginnings

Brought up in New Plymouth, New Zealand, my childhood experiences were of skateboarding, cricket and basketball. Aged seventeen (in 2004), I entered the world of the gym.

In 2007, I graduated with a Bachelor of Sport & Exercise from Massey University. The following year, I graduated with a Graduate Diploma in Sports & Exercise Science. By this stage I was already working full-time as a personal trainer in New Zealand.

Late 2010 I discovered mountain biking-predominantly as a method to do cardio that wasn't boring. I quickly fell in love with bikes and in 2015 made the move to Whistler, BC, Canada to pursue my mountain bike passion. That first summer in Whistler I discovered I had found somewhere that I could further my fitness career, while, at the same time satisfying my desire to ride bikes every day!

08132016_CanadianOpenEnduro(EWS)DuffMan_ROP_B_019_original.jpg new home

After spending some time riding bikes and snowboarding all day, I figured it was time to get back into working as a Personal Trainer. I began work at the Core in September 2016. I trained clients 1:1, led group fitness classes and boot camp sessions for 2.5 years. During this time, my focus and philosophy for not just training, but also the rest of life began to evolve. Training sessions in the gym were missed, just so I could squeeze in another few laps of the bike park or fresh powder runs in the winter! I began to adapt my training style to adventure sport specific strength & conditioning. What makes this training methodology so effective is that it is purpose driven-you will be stronger, fitter and faster for your mountain sport...a by-product is that you will look great too! 

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enduro racing

I had raced bikes a little bit in New Zealand, however, Whistler really opened my eyes to racing and how fast humans can really be on a Mountain Bike. As most individuals will agree, when you have a goal (eg; a race) it makes training easier and more meaningful. Over the past 3 summers, I've competed in races in Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton. Not only the progression in my mountain bike skills that has come from racing but also the friends I've made and the memories those friends and I have, has been amazing!


the future

Richlife Bootcamps

Training Adventure Sport Athletes

Enjoying the Wonderland of Whistler


BAchelor of sport and exercise

graduate diploma of sport and exercise science

Level 3 exercise consultant

nasm corrective exercise specialist

nasm sports performance specialist